My Decision to Escape from the World’s Story

A couple weeks back, I finished reading for the second time a book that my dear friend Heather Rae Hutzel wrote. The title of the book is ESCAPE: Break Free from Mediocre Christianity and Embrace the Radical, Set-Apart Life You were Made For.

quote-from-escape-by-heather-rae-hutzel_9In her book, Heather discusses breaking free from the “story of the world” and embracing our role in God’s story.

Amazingly enough, the world’s wisdom versus God’s wisdom was the topic of discussion at my moms’ group the same week I finished the book. What I felt God speaking to me was that I need to be “all in.” I can’t continue living with one foot in His story and one still firmly planted in the world’s story.

God wants all of us, friends. Our personal lives, our relationships, our families, our jobs…everything. God has been asking me to give it all to Him. To completely surrender. And that week I realized I was finally ready. I was finally ready to let go.

I shared this with Heather, who noted that I may find myself having fallen back into the world’s story time and time again. But she said, “The one thing that God loves hearing more than ‘You have all of me’ is ‘You still have all of me.’” Living in God’s story isn’t just a single choice we make. It’s a daily choice. Heck, it’s a moment-by-moment choice! And let me tell you, that sure has been the truth since I made the bold decision to give God everything. I find myself falling down again and again, but I refuse to stay down.

Peace is not the absence of a storm; it’s the calm you find when you realize Jesus is standing beside you in the midst of the storm. (Heather Rae Hutzel)

Are you living fully in God’s story? Or are you, like me, struggling to be “all in”? Is there an area of your life you are fighting to maintain a perceive sense of control? Release it to the Lord. Let Him have all of you. Choose to walk with both feet in His story and you will be amazed by what He has in store for you.

Heather’s book will be released on Amazon on November 15. Click this link to learn more.


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