Why I Get Up Two Hours Before My Kids Do

My kids sleep until about 7-8 am every day. You would think, since I stay home with them, that I would sleep until they wake up, right?


I wake up between 5-5:30 every single morning. Every. Single. Morning. (Okay, unless I’m up super late for some reason; then I’ll allow myself to sleep in until 6-7 am).

So what in the world do I do for those two-ish hours before my kids get up?

I like to call it my Jesus Time. This time allows me to connect with the Lord first thing in the morning, which puts me in a great frame of mind as I begin my day with the kids. Without my Jesus Time, I’m almost always frustrated, short with my kids, and pretty much a miserable human being.

Here’s what my Jesus Time looks like:

  • I start with my 2 Chairs.
    • The concept of the 2 Chairs comes from Bob Beaudine’s book named just that. When we set up our 2 Chairs, we sit in one chair and have a conversation with the Lord, who is sitting in the other chair, across from us. We talk as if we’re having a chat with a friend over coffee. Whatever is on our mind, we bring to the Lord.
    • It may seem odd at first, but when we continue to show up, God shows up. I generally spend about 5-10 minutes in my 2 Chairs.
  • Next, I sit in silence for 5 minutes.
    • I set a timer on my phone and simply listen. Oftentimes the song “Listen” plays in my head.
    • I do not pray; I listen. Every single time I do this, God gives me insight into my personal life or my business. I’ve never had a day when I haven’t heard a thing. It’s pretty amazing.
  • After my quiet time, I journal.
    • I begin by listing 10 things I’m grateful for from the past 24 hours.
    • I then journal anything that may be troubling me, asking for the Lord’s guidance, providence, and peace.
    • I’m currently using this journal. If you go to Amazon and type “Christian Art Gifts Journal” you’ll find a bunch of journals there. I really enjoy the one I’m using right now. It has a lay-flat spine and a Bible verse at the bottom of each page.
  • I then read one day in The One Year Bible.
    • I love this Bible because it lays out each day with an Old Testament reading, a New Testament reading, a passage from Psalms, and one from Proverbs. Instead of jumping around a Bible following a reading plan, the book is actually laid out with these 4 passages together each day.
  • Next in the lineup I complete one day of Dan Miller’s The Rudder of the Day.
    • The book gives insights for business and life, including stories, quotes, scripture passages, and a prompt for reflection and journaling.
  • After all of that, I review my Dailygreatness Business Planner.
    • I use this planner for setting and tracking quarterly business goals, as well as planning each week. I review what I have planned for the day so I know what I’ll be working on once my husband returns home from work.
    • Dailygreatness also makes other planners, including Dailygreatness Parents Journal.
    • (By the way, if you purchase a Dailygreatness product through one of the two links above, you’ll get 5% off your purchase!).
  • Finally, if the kids aren’t up yet, I’ll do some reading.

All of this takes me about 60-90 minutes. Sometimes the order is different, but most mornings include all of these.

I know what you’re thinking. Well it must be nice to be able to go to bed early and to have kids that sleep through the night until 7-8 am. You really think I have an hour to devote to your so called “Jesus Time” every morning??

No. I’m not suggesting that you should be able to spend 60-90 minutes in the morning connecting with the Lord and planning your day.

What I am suggesting is the undeniable importance of setting aside some time in the morning to connect with the Lord before you start your day. Even if it’s 15 minutes, you will notice a difference in how your day unfolds.

When I miss this time, my day is “off” from the moment my kids wake up. I’m more likely to get frustrated and snap at them. I’m dragging and have less energy for interacting with my kids and getting things done around the house.

Now, say you’re a working mama. This time in the morning is just as critical for you as well. You’ll be in a much better mindset to get the kids up and out the door, and you’ll walk into work centered and prepared instead of frazzled and irritated.

If you don’t currently have any time for devotion in the mornings, decide to give it a shot for a week. Start by getting up 15 minutes before you usually do. I recommend 2 Chairs and quiet listening, but do whatever works for you.

Take notice of any difference in your day. Write it down so you don’t forget. Then, come back here and leave a comment with what you observed. Maybe you’ll continue with this time. Maybe you’ll do 30 minutes each morning. I think you’ll find that some pretty great things can come from starting your day with some Jesus Time.





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