Do the Things in Your House Reflect Your Vision for Your Family?

Since the day I moved into my house, I’ve found myself stumbling upon misplaced items and thinking, Well, I might need this someday, so I’ll hang on to it. It then ends up in some box, drawer, or pile in my basement. People have offered furniture and my husband and I have thought, Well, we may use this someday, so we’ll take it and put it in the basement for now.

After 8 years of doing this, I have accumulated a basement overflowing with junk. You’d think it would be no surprise, but I’ve found myself increasingly irritated with the mess downstairs, as if someone else made that mess.

Couches. Recliners. Baby clothes. Baby toys. Novels. Stuffed animals. Clothes that will likely never fit and quite frankly I’d look ridiculous in. Binders of college schoolwork. Textbooks. Video game accessories. An old, gross washer and dryer set. Bookcases. Half-empty cans of paint. An old fridge that may or may not work. Things that my parents have stored at our house—furniture, decorative items, a spare toilet (not kidding), a kid desk.

Our basement is unfinished, except for a room on one side. I’d love to use part of that room as an office space. I’d love to use the other side of the room for a play area. Unfortunately, I can barely tip-toe to navigate that room.

Soooooo my husband and I decided to start chipping away at all the mess, either giving things away or selling them.

In order to do so, I’ve had to change my mindset about my things.

Instead of asking myself, “Will I need this someday?” I envision what I want my family life to look like.

Then I ask, “Do I want to have a need for this? Does this item fit into my vision?” If not, it goes. Asking myself this question has completely changed my outlook on my “stuff.” I can more clearly see what needs to stay and what needs to go, and it’s making it a heck of a lot easier to clean up and clear out.

If your house is full of junk, I challenge you: Envision what you want your family life to look like. Then ask yourself if the items in your house fall into that vision. If not, get rid of it. It doesn’t matter how. Give it away to friends/family, sell it, or donate it. Whatever you do, do it FAST. The more quickly you go through and clear out your junk, the easier it will be to let go of things.

Comment below with some of the things you’re holding on to that you can get rid of. Commit to clearing those things out one way or another. If you want, come back and comment on how you’re feeling once you have more space and breathing room in your house.

Alright, now get to it!





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