Can We Please Stop the “Man Cold” Shaming?

All over social media I see girlfriends and wives talking about how their significant others are such whiners when they’re sick. I see all kinds of jokes and complaints about the “man cold.”

I’ve held back my thoughts about this. Why, exactly? I’m not so sure. But here goes.

Can we please stop the “man cold” shaming?

man-coldAre men actually more affected by illness than women? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Are men big babies who just need to suck it up and get over it when they’re sick? Again, not something I’m going to get into.

I think we should see our men’s illnesses as an opportunity for us to show love. I’m a better wife when my husband is sick. Even when I’m stressed and overwhelmed, I do whatever I can to take care of my husband. Am I able to drop everything to cater to his needs? No. Might I still need his help with some things even if he’s ill? Of course. But if he is really sick, I’m going to get help with the kids (or at least pop in a movie) and do my best to get him back on his feet.

When our little ones are sick, don’t we love and care for them? Why should it be any different with our husbands?

Why in the world would I put my husband down when he’s already feeling bad? Why would I complain about him on social media? Why would I whine about him being sick when I could be taking care of him so he can get back to being husband/dad/employee/etc.?

Mamas, let’s show respect to our men. Instead of feeling inconvenienced and frustrated when they’re sick, let’s love on them.

Remember this the next time your man is sick and you’re tempted to complain about it. Make him (or pick up) some soup, get him some meds (and/or essential oils), and tell him that you love him and you’re there for him.






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