Ever Feel Like You’re Not Enough?

In this Facebook and Pinterest-crazed world, we’re surrounded by reminders that other people are doing more than we could ever wish to. The Smith family just took their kids on the Disney vacation of a lifetime. Bobby’s mom is sending him to school with an Inside Out-themed Valentine’s Day box that looks like it’s the character Anger actually on fire. Suzanne’s house is spotless. All. The. Time.


photo courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt at flickr.com

Have you ever felt like you’re not enough? Have you felt like your kids were missing out because you don’t take super fun vacations? Is every crafty project you attempt with your children an utter fail that leaves you feeling totally lame? Do you tip-toe through your cluttered living room to answer the door, praying that the person doesn’t want to come in because you’re so ashamed of the mess?

Think about these three scenarios:

  • What precisely are your kids missing out on if they aren’t going on extravagant vacations? If you went on one as a child, did it have a significant, positive, lasting impact on your life, without which you would not be the person you are today?
  • How about that #PinterestFail? Did your daughter tell you you’re a bad mommy because her Dora cupcakes look like big messy icing globs?
  • Have your children suffered emotionally because there are too many Legos on the floor?

Your kids don’t need once-in-a-lifetime vacations. They don’t need the best Valentine’s Day box in class. They don’t need a spotless living space. What do your kids need?


Your kids need you. There is only one Mommy, and that’s you. No other mommy knows them inside and out like you do. No one has such a deep desire to meet their needs at any cost as you do.

You are enough. You are more than enough. If you want to take a nice vacation, go ahead and save for it, but don’t bank on it guaranteeing your child’s happiness. If you want to be more crafty, then by all means take a class, but do it because you want to expand your mind and nourish your soul. Keep the house clean enough to prevent injury and call it a day.

Take some time to think about what you appreciated in your mother or mother figure as you were growing up. Write down those things that you hold most dear. Keep that list handy when you’re feeling like you’re not good enough. Use it to remind yourself what really matters.

What’s most important to you? Share in the comments section below.




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