Ashamed of My Past and Afraid For Their Future

On Saturday, November 11 2017, I attended the Premiere and Day Retreat for StrongHER.

StrongHER is an up and coming non-profit passionate about empowering women in their real relationships with God everyday; encouraging and equipping them with relatable and user friendly tools and testimonies to inspire confidence and creating warriors for Christ.

Two of the speakers at the​ retreat covered the topics of shame and fear. While I didn’t think about it while I was listening to their message, I’ve had to overcome a lot of shame and fear in one particular area of my life.

In this week’s video, I talk about that shame and fear.

My apologies in advance for all the background noise. I was talking quietly so as to not be super loud in there. As it turns out, their noise overwhelms my speaking. And I have zero video editing skills, so I got as far as clicking “remove background noise,” so that helped…like…not much at all. You can hear me, just try reeeeally hard to ignore the talking and tables being collapsed in the background.

What is one area in your life you’ve had to overcome shame or fear? Share with us in a comment below.

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