How Might God Be Able to Use Your Story?

You have a story to share that can change lives.

In last week’s post, I talked about how God has worked in amazing ways to redeem a recent storm in my life.

As I’ve shared the story of my struggle with depression, I have touched lives in ways I never imagined. People have commented how thankful they are that I opened up and shared my story.

I have a question for you.

How might God be able to use your story?

Who, me? What story? How could God possibly use me?

Yes, you. We all have a story to share. We all have gone through something that someone else has gone through or is going through right this very moment.

So why aren’t we all sharing?

Maybe we’re embarrassed. It’s scary to be so open and vulnerable. But God can use your story in amazing ways if you allow Him to.

Open your heart to the lessons He can teach you. Open your mind to the potential you have to change lives with your story.

Want to share your story? I’ll be featuring testimonies in upcoming posts. Your story can be anonymous if you’d like. Click this link to contact me. Remember—big or small, you have a story to share. Don’t discredit what God can do in you and through you.

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