It Pays to Be Silly!

One of the things I’ve found most helpful in handling my now 3 year old is being silly. Forceful demands get me nowhere at this age.


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Here’s a scene from when she was about 2 1/2:

Margaret didn’t want to wear her white onesie to bed, so I pulled out the princess onesie. She still said no to a onesie, so I tried to put the princess onesie on myself. Margaret cracked up. I asked her, “white or princess?” She said, “That’s not princess, that’s Cinderella.” I replied, “Do you want to wear Cinderella?” “YES!” she said enthusiastically.

So there you have it. A onesie with no fight. You just have to be creative.

Sometimes the only way I get her to go potty is to carry her upside-down to the bathroom.

Sometimes we sing “pee my pee-pee out” to the tune of “Shake My Sillies Out” by Raffi.

Heck, the “choo choo train” with a spoon of food still worked (sometimes) when she was 2.

Some people may not agree with my silly approach, and that’s fine. I think life should be fun. I think we all should be silly sometimes. And if being silly is one of the only ways to get my 3 year old to do something, then so be it.

Now go out there and get your silly on!






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