My speaking services include, but are not limited to, the following topics. Please contact me if you have a specific request.

Breaking Through the Stigma of Postpartum Depression
Postpartum depression is a very real illness. An illness I’ve battled myself. I speak to raise awareness of and educate about this illness. In doing so, I strive to break through the stigma because there is no shame in postpartum depression and it’s critical that moms ask for help.

Not only is this topic powerful for moms, it is also a message that dads need to hear. Few men and women know about postpartum depression or what to do when faced with it.  I help equip moms and dads (and soon-to-be moms and dads) for tackling postpartum depression if it does arise or reoccur. This way, Mom and Dad can quickly get the help they need so they can enjoy more time together with their baby.

How Your Biggest Secrets Become Your Greatest Strengths 

We all have a story. Many of us are too ashamed to share it. But what if our stories could impact lives if we allowed them to?

I very well could keep my history of depression a secret. I could allow myself to be ashamed and push those experiences down into the deepest recesses of my conscience. I could refuse to share with the world the pain, hurt, and embarrassment I’ve felt. But I can’t. God wants to use my story.

And He wants to use yours. You have a story to tell and lives to touch. Let me help you share your story and in turn, and change lives.

Mom’s Dreams Don’t Have to Die

Sure, we’re thrilled to welcome our bundle of joy. Many of us, though, feel we want more. We have hopes, dreams, desires, and passions that still burn inside of us.

These don’t have to die with the birth of our children. In this speaking experience, you’ll be encouraged and equipped with steps to pursue these deep-seeded passions, all while crushing it as a mom.

You Be You

Society loves telling us how to do things. How to dress. How to talk. How to parent. How to function as a human being. And a lot of times its in direct contradiction to how God teaches us to live.

Learn how to live a life that’s true to you, not what society seems to expect. Learn how to thrive as a mom by leaning on the Lord as your strength.


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