The Importance of Taking the Next Step

As mamas, we likely have set goals we’re working toward. We want to be loving parents. We want to be healthy. We want to help our children reach milestones. We want to have some semblance of a social life. Oh yeah, and we just want to get some sleep!


Too often our goals get tossed aside because they seem too lofty. Too far off. Too much work. Unrealistic. Unachievable.

Anything worth anything in life is going to take work. Many things are going to seem impossible. It’s tempting to throw in the towel shortly after we’ve set a goal because once we set it, we think oh gosh, there’s no way I’m actually going to be able to make that happen.

So then we settle. We find ourselves snapping at our kids because we can’t muster the energy to be patient. We put off our first workout until tomorrow…or the next day…or the day after…merely because conditions aren’t perfect. We find ourselves too swept up in the day’s tasks to take the time to get our toddler to go potty. We toss in a movie and flop on the couch because we’re too spent to think about getting together with friends. We figure if we can’t get “enough” sleep, why even try to get “a little more”?

When we settle, we start believing lies. We flood ourselves with self-limiting beliefs like “I’ll never be able to do that” and “I’m just not good enough.”

Then we find ourselves in a rut. Stuck. Defeated. Miserable.

So what can we do about it? It’s actually pretty simple:


Instead of feeling so overwhelmed by our goals that we dismiss them almost as quickly as we’ve made them, we have to commit to taking the next step. It doesn’t have to be a big one. Just take a step. If you feel like there are so many first steps you could take, simply choose one and take it.

And you know what, it doesn’t really matter which step you take. Why? Because action builds momentum and brings clarity. After you take that next step, the step after will be clearer and feel more achievable.

Every time you take the next step, you’ll feel a little bit better about your goals. About your life. About yourself.

Take the next step.


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