The Kind of Kids I Want to Raise

Last week as I was out for a walk with the kiddos, I noticed a gentleman pushing an older woman in a wheelchair. They were headed towards us, so I figured we’d stop and say hi.


I introduced myself to the gentleman, who then introduced me to his 93-year old mother, who lives on our street. She and I had met before, though I hadn’t seen her for a while. We chatted for a few minutes then continued on our walks.

As I walked away, I smiled at the beauty of that scene. A son, who I’m sure has plenty of things going on in his own life, making the time to take his elderly mother out for a walk. I know a daughter of hers as well, who is also incredibly kind and caring towards her mother.

I thought to myself, Man, these are the kind of kids I want to raise. Kids who will take their 93 year old mother on a walk in her wheelchair.

I shared the story with my mother, who said, “Those are the kind of kids I hope I raised. The kind that will take their 93 year old mother on a walk in her wheelchair. Maybe even on the beach. You know they have sand wheelchairs?” (My mom loves the beach).

While I do believe that when we marry, our immediate family (ourselves and any children) need to take priority, it is still so vital that we stay connected to our parents, siblings, and their families. I want to raise children who recognize that importance. I want to raise children who, without feelings of obligation, recognize the loving sacrifices I make for them and have a desire to return that love.

Family is a beautiful thing. Whether or not we were raised in a healthy, nurturing home environment, we have the opportunity to provide that for our children. Let’s raise them to be loving, kind, and respectful by modeling those virtues for them. Let’s invest in them so, years down the road, we might enjoy a stroll in our wheelchair with them.


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