Toss the Phone and Get in On the Action!

This week’s post is short and sweet. I’m presenting a challenge to you.

Go ONE WEEK without taking pictures or videos of your children.

Now, for some of us, this is no big deal. Whatever.

For others of us, it’s unthinkable! They’re so darn cute! I have to capture these moments!

Last fall, I challenged myself to do just this. One week. No photos or videos of my kids. Man, was it difficult! There were so many adorable photo ops. Between my birthday, my friend’s daughter’s birthday, my daughter just playing around being silly, and my son, well, being an adorable 3 month old, I had a hard time keeping the phone tucked away.

In those moments, I thought, Awww, I’d love to capture this!

But then the moments passed. And I didn’t care anymore. Just like that. It’s kind of like that candy bar screaming your name in the checkout aisle. By the time you’re at your car, you’ve forgotten about it.

So what’s the big deal? Why put the camera away for a week?

Here’s the thing: While we’re busy capturing and sharing memories, were missing out on being a part of those memories.

Do we want to view our children’s lives through a lens? Or do we want to be part of the action?

Do we want our children to feel like they’re being evaluated by their ability to produce picture-worthy moments? Or do we want them to feel loved and feel connected to us?

How much time are we wasting looking to see who has commented on our latest post of our adorable kid or how many likes it’s gotten? (Guilty).

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-pictures. I love pictures. But I think we’ve gotten way too obsessed with taking them, sharing them, liking them, commenting on them, and so on.

You may find yourself thinking, But they’re never going to be this small again! I don’t want to forget this moment!

Let me ask you this: What’s more important, remembering what has passed or enjoying what is right now?

So again, my challenge to you: Go ONE week without taking any pictures/video of your kids. I think you’ll be surprised and quite pleased by the results. This is an awesome experiment as we head into summer. It just might give you that little nudge to jump in on the action instead of watching and documenting it from the sidelines.

Notice how you feel more connected with your kids. So refreshing, right? From there you can decide how you’ll find a happy medium between tossing the phone and filling every gigabyte of storage with pictures and video.

Next week, come back and share you experience in the comment section below. I’d love to see how it went!







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