What God is Revealing to Me While I Wait

The past few days have been emotionally exhausting for me. My estimated due date for my son was last Tuesday, June 21. Each morning I’ve woken up and thought, “Uuugghhh, I’m still not in labor…” I’ve felt the pressure of my OB’s concerns about me going past my due date. I’ve spent countless moments wondering, “Why, God, hasn’t he come yet? When is he finally going to come?”

waitingI’ve done my best to release it to God. I’ve probably given it up to Him about 10 times every day since Charles’s due date. I’ve asked God to forgive me for my impatience and lack of trust in His timing. Still, every time something else falls into place, I’ve thought, “Ok, that’s done. Time to go into labor now!”

Yet it still hasn’t happened. I’ve desperately asked God, “What are you trying to teach me through this?”

Is it trust? Patience? Something else?

I woke up this morning, still not in labor. I figured, oh well, we have another chance to see our friends at church and to volunteer. We took the opportunity to receive prayer after we attended service.

As I walked with two other volunteers during the second service, I noticed a familiar face exiting the auditorium. It was an old friend from college with whom I had not been in contact since. I said hi and asked how she was doing.

Her face said it all. I asked if she wanted to sit down. She agreed, and we spent the remainder of the church service talking. She shared her hurts, frustrations, and confusion. After, I asked if I could pray for her. As she cried in my arms, God began revealing something beautiful to me.

God showed me through this interaction that I needed to stop being so concerned about the “why” behind his timing and start focusing on the “what now”.

God showed me that He wants me to use this precious time before Charles’s arrival to pour into others. If I had been at the hospital or home with a new baby, I wouldn’t have been blessed with this interaction. God put me right where He wanted me to be this morning to cross paths with this person. He put the words in my mouth to pray for her – words I never could have come up with on my own. She said to me afterwards that she had walked out of service because she didn’t feel like she needed to be in there, yet she still felt God wanted her at church today. She now knew why.

From that moment, I stopped viewing this time in waiting as an obstacle and started viewing it as an opportunity.

But God wasn’t going to stop there.

Shortly after arriving home from church, I received a text from a friend stating she wanted to talk and knew I would “listen and give great advice and love.”

Wow, twice in one day? This kind of stuff never happens to me.

I immediately said yes and we arranged to meet this evening. My friend shared with me some anxieties she’s been experiencing and how she’s had moments when she’s felt lost. I listened and prayed for her – again, God’s words, not mine.

So here I’ve been for 5 days now, wondering when Charles is coming and why he hasn’t come yet. Now God’s showing me that He wants me to use this time for His good. To stop asking when and why. To let Him work his perfect timing and to let Him work through me for others.

Are you in a period of waiting? Maybe you’re wondering why God is saying “no” or “not yet.” Consider how you can use this time to love on others while God takes care of the work He’s doing in your life.




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