Do This One Thing Before Making Big Decisions

Imagine you’re in the checkout aisle at your local grocery store. You see all the drinks, snacks, and candy bars. They’re placed there for a very specific reason. The company delights in putting you in such a bind because chances are, you’ll give in. You’re in a time crunch and have less than a minute to decide as the shoppers behind you close in. Your kid is screaming for M&Ms and you’re about to pull your hair out after his complete meltdown in aisle 4.

So you grab the M&Ms. Actually, you grab 2 bags because who in their right mind would want to share those delightful, poppable pieces of chocolate gold?

Ok, not so much a big decision. But with so many bright, flashy, shiny objects around us nowadays, it’s tempting to make rash decisions, feeling like we have to decide right now.

Very few big decisions have to be made on the spot. If we really want to buy something, it’s best to wait overnight. Sleep on it. If the sale ends at midnight, don’t worry, there will be another. And by tomorrow or when that sale comes around again, you may not want the item. If you do, you’ll be ready to hop in the car and pick it up.

This doesn’t apply just to purchases. And sleeping on it isn’t always enough with really big decisions. Wait a few days or even a couple weeks to make the decision.

But most importantly, seek counsel. Don’t make big decisions on your own. Talk to your spouse. Your friends. Your family. Your peers. Your church family. Your mentors.

Be sure your spouse is completely on board with any major decisions. Make it a decision you both are making, not just you with the lukewarm “okay, honey” of your spouse.

Don’t labor for months over the decision, but give yourself enough time to make a decision you feel comfortable with and confident about.

What’s one big decision you’ve made after seeking the advice of others? How did having others’ input affect your decision?

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