Are Your Friends TRUE Friends?

Think of a time if your life when you have felt completely and utterly overwhelmed. What did you do? Did you turn to things that were helpful or harmful? Did you turn to people who would simply tell you everything will be okay or people who would support you AND challenge you to move beyond where you are?

I recently felt pretty overwhelmed and lost, so I met with a friend at a park nearby. She was facing challenges similar to mine. As we each enjoyed two scoops of Graeter’s Buckeye Chocolate Chip ice cream (SO GOOD), we talked about what was going on. We shared what we were struggling with and what we were thinking about doing.

When I finished sharing, Melissa asked me a few questions. I didn’t like those questions. They challenged me and forced me to really dig deep and figure out exactly what direction I wanted to go in. She then recommended something that I had considered, but had kind of pushed to the back of my mind, afraid of where it might lead me. What Melissa pointed out though, was that the very thing that I was avoiding was the very thing that could bring forth a breakthrough in my life.

I trusted in a friend to challenge me, and I’m so glad she did.

Melissa isn’t a “yes friend.” As I grow in my life and business, I’m realizing how critical it is that I have friends that are more than “yes friends”—they’re true friends. Sure, sometimes I’ve felt that I just need someone to listen. But I’ve found that those are the times when I actually need a true friend to listen and then challenge me to move beyond where I am toward greater things.

This week, take a close look at your friendships. Are your friends true friends or are they “yes friends”? Might you need to shift focus and strengthen the relationships with your true friends?

Think of a time when you had a true friend really come through when you needed them most. How did they help you work through what you were struggling with? Share as a comment below!

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